curated culinary events featuring local restaurants through our monthly pop up event: "2nd Fridays on Argyle"

"2nd Fridays on Argyle" is an initiative between the 48th Ward and Axis Lab that aims to build community cohesion, elevate Vietnamese cuisine and culture, and promote businesses on Argyle Street through food. 

Every 2nd Friday of the month, the event highlights one restaurant on Argyle Street, showcases the regional, signature dishes and engages neighbors to discuss ways to improve the community.

Featured Restaurants


Cafe Hoang

"Regardless of differences in class, economic status, everyone in Huế holds Bún Bò Huế close to their heart. Some may know to cook this dish, but certainly, every person from Huế knows how to eat it." 
— Doan Thi Sinh

Doan Thi Sinh and her husband, Huang Do of Cafe Hoang

Bún Bò Huế, a complex pork and beef bone soup that reflects the diverse culinary heritage of central Vietnam.


Phơ Loan

Loan Thị Thu Nguyễn, hailing from a line of Phở cooks in Vietnam, and her husband, Quang Minh Lê, took the long route to realizing their dreams of becoming restauranteurs in the United States. 

Loan Thị Thu Nguyễn and Quang Minh Lê of Phơ Loan

Phở Loan featuring Phở Lò Đúc, a claypot phở dish 


Phơ 777

“Northern Vietnamese cuisine is unique because it is accessible. In Vietnam, you can find any of the featured menu items on sidewalk restaurants to indoor restaurants. The dishes themselves are for the common people; it is simplistic and not fancy, people of all classes enjoy these dishes.”
— Linh Thị Thùy Nguyễn

Linh Thị Thùy Nguyễn and her husband, Nicholas of Phơ 777

Bún Chả Hà Nội, a rustic vermicelli noodle dish paired with chargrilled pieces of sweet and savory pork belly and patties basking in a light fish sauce broth