Our mission

We are committed to critically engaging the socio-economic concerns of this area through creative programming that draws on cultural and historical knowledge of its immigrant and refugee community to incite equitable and inclusive development.

For our organization, Axis reflects our intersectional approach to community building that centers marginalized voices to address existing structural injustices. Lab embodies our process of exploring a range of creative possibilities to offer an experiential taste of what a just world could be. Together, Axis Lab is a community engagement platform where sustenance emerges as a diversity of ideas, cultures, and generations coalesce.

Our Team

We ourselves are all first and second generation immigrants and refugees who have a stake in the Argyle community. Working in the fields of urban planning, architecture, theater, visual arts, environmental science, and healing justice, our aim is to engage with a myriad of stakeholders to pave a path for a sustainable future.


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